Professional Garden Landscaping

Corporate garden maintenance


Developing and maintaining a professional office environment requires a large capital outlay. Unfortunately, it’s not just the actual building that requires constant attention – the surrounding grounds can be an eyesore if not maintained professionally.

Maintenance services:

Pezula Landscapes has been providing corporate grounds maintenance for over nine years.  We provide a tailored, cost effective solution to clients ranging from small individual offices to large-scale office parks. Whether it is the installation of an on-site maintenance crew or a once off visit for tasks as simple as tree pruning and a general garden clean-up, we have it covered.

Clean-up services:

Many corporate gardens are designed in a way to ensure minimal maintenance requirements. In these instances, Pezula offers clients the option of a monthly visit whereby a team visits the property and complete all maintenance required for that period. 

Tree felling:

      1. Tree felling and trimming

With ten years of certified experience, Pezula is expertly equipped to reduce the size of trees and large shrubbery or remove them completely.  Tree felling can be a hazardous task if not undertaken correctly. Not only is the felling provider at risk, but the client’s property might be in danger if the project is badly managed. Pezula boasts a long history of successful felling projects as well as the expertise to approach both simple and complex felling requirements. Pezula Landscapes is an accredited tree felling agent and is fully insured for such activities.

Pezula Landscapes will remove all debris remaining after a tree has been felled.

Corporate landscaping:

      1. Beautiful gardens in an office environment compliment the building itself and are important to inspire employees that visit the grounds daily, as well as impress visiting clients. Pezula Landscapes offers expert landscaping advice and implementation regardless of the extent of the property. In addition, Pezula offers insight into indigenous and water-wise garden trends, introducing a cost-saving element to your outdoor environment.

Garden edging and Cladding:

      1. Edging and cladding provides an immediate enhancement to any garden.  By installing edging along the garden beds and grass the gardens are given a neater and more sophisticated finishing.  Pezula Landscapes offers a leading and durable edging cobble to compliment the gardens.  The edging will be installed on a solid casted foundation ensuring resilience and lifespan. Pezula offers a variety of cladding options that create a feature and enhance the appearance of surrounding walls and buildings.

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