Corporate Garden Maintenance
and Paving

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Paving can enhance the look of any home giving it a polished, finished look. Pezula Landscapes is experienced in providing information and options when it comes to paving, and we use a variety of pavers for clients to consider.

      1. All paving jobs are completed under experienced supervision and are undertaken by our long-running, permanent paving team – no sub-contractors are involved – giving you peace-of-mind that the job will be done correctly. All paving jobs have a 10-year guarantee.

      1. There are many different areas in your home that can be enhanced by paving, including, but not limited to:

        • Drive-ways
        • Patios
        • Swimming pool areas
        • Walkways and entrances
        • Entertainment areas

      2. When looking to pave an area in your home it is important to decide on what type of paver you are going to use. We are on hand to help with your paving decisions and are able to provide information on the type/s of pavers that can be considered. Different types of pavers bring with them their own aesthetic appeal and durability. Paving options to consider are:

Garden Edging and Cladding:

        1. • Clay pavers never fade and are available in a variety of colours to give you a visual impact. They are also available in half bricks (cobbles) which are used to create a circle effect.
          • Cement pavers are available in a variety of different colours and sizes, so there is always an option of giving your paved area a pattern to finish off the look you desire.
          • Cobble pavers give your home the ‘stone’ look effect and can be used anywhere from the driveway to walkways to around your swimming pool.
          • Flagstone pavers are versatile and can be used for entertainment areas and around the swimming pool, and can even be used in the garden as stepping stones or as a garden feature.
          • Grass blocks are used to allow the growth of grass in paved areas. Grass blocks blend in with the garden aesthetic, while being strong enough to be used as a driveway paver as well. They also allow for better drainage of water, and can be used on flat or sloped surfaces.

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