Corporate Garden Maintenance
and Paving

Tree Felling


When it comes to the removal of trees on corporate or residential properties this needs to be done timeously and safely. Pezula Landscapes has over 12 years’ experience in tree-felling and our professional and qualified team will be on site to answer any questions. Once the job is completed we will remove all debris from the property.

Our tree felling team is qualified and competent in the:

• Reduction of the tree size,
• Felling of any tree type,
• Felling of trees in difficult positions,
• Pruning of trees, including palm trees
• Removal of dead wood
• Removal of stumps and roots

Many believe that to remove a tree it is just a matter of cutting it down at the base, however it takes the skill and expertise of a professional team, including professional climbers, to bring down the tree in a strategic and controlled manner.

We take safety precautions into account when it comes to the safety of our staff and your property and we have comprehensive liability cover for when such jobs are undertaken.

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